Get information about and how it works.

General usage and functions is a way of learning to play drums whithout having to use tab-sheets or notes. Completely free of charge.

I developed it for a friend of mine which hated to always have an eye on the tab-sheet while drumming.

So lets anyone create a song using a simple editor. You can play all songs that were ever created. Just click on them and they'll bring you to the 'stage'.

There every column represents a drum of your drumset. When a 'note' falls down a column, you just need to hit the representing drum when the 'note' hits the bottom and explodes. That easy.

Play songs

Playing songs is what was created for. Choose a song and click on it to get on the 'stage'. The 'notes' to play will fall in the different columns and explode on the bottom. That is when you need to hit the representing drum, when the 'note' hits the bottom.

Edit songs

Editing songs is done in the editor of There you can chnange the song to meet your needs. You can change the title, the speed modification of the tab, and of course the drums the song consits of.

To change the title of the song, just click on the pencil next to the current name. Then enter the new name and save your changes.

The speed-modification lets you increase the speed of the played song. By default it's set to 0. Changing it to 10 will result in a much quicker played song.

The heart of the song are the notes. They can be edited by using the editor part of the page. In the 'New tact' section you can create a sequence of a song by clicking on the rows that each represent one drum of the set. The song will play from left to right. So if you click on the basedrum and the hihat in the first column and add the tact to your song, these will be played together in the first moment of the song. Just experiment with it to really get into it.

Users, Login, Register and Profile

There is no need to register if you just want to play songs created by others. To create and edit songs, you need an account. Only that way we can make sure that only you can make changes to your songs. Creating and using those functions is also completely free of charge. Also we promise not to send you spam or give your data to third parties. Accounts are only for your convenience!

When logged in you'll see it in the navigation bar on top of the page. By clicking on your username you can go to your profile and change your password.

Songs that you created are listed under the 'My songs' section of the song list. Only you can edit them.

Feature Roadmap

New functions that are going to be implemented are listed on the feature roadmap. I need your help to find the most important features that need to be implemented. So if you have any suggestions for new functionality please let me know.